2023 Summer Pool Preparation Checklist

2023 Summer Pool Preparation Checklist

For pool owners in Minnesota, summer is the most exciting time of year. Now that the air is finally warm again, it’s time to open up your swimming pool and dive in! Of course, there are a few additional steps you’ll need to take before you can enjoy the water. If you’re a new pool owner or you simply need a refresher on what needs to be done, check out this checklist for opening your swimming pool in summer 2023.

10 Step Checklist for Opening Your Swimming Pool in 2023

  1. Remove your pool cover and store it in a safe, clean place so that it can easily be retrieved in fall.
  2. Clean the area around your inground swimming pool to avoid slip hazards and remove debris that could be tracked into the water.
  3. Reinstall ladders, slides and any other accessories that were removed from the pool for winter.
  4. Clean fallen leaves and other debris out of your inground swimming pool, then fill it up with water.
  5. Inspect your pool filter for winter damage and clean it out thoroughly.
  6. Replace the drain plugs in your pool’s filter, heater and pump.
  7. Prepare your pool pump and filter for use. Make sure to check for leaks and ensure proper pressurization in the filter.
  8. Test the levels of pH, chlorine, alkalinity and calcium hardness in your swimming pool. If any of these chemical levels are outside the desired range, take measures to balance them.
  9. Scrape any algae from the walls of your swimming pool and then shock the water with chlorine to ensure thorough sanitization.
  10. Wait a full 24 hours and then test the chemical levels in your pool again to make sure they are properly balanced.

Once you’ve completed all of these steps, congratulations! You’re ready to open your inground swimming pool for summer 2023.

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