Common Issues With Hot Tubs: How to Fix Them

Hot tubs provide an opportunity for much-needed daily relaxation… unless they stop working and become a source of stress. Whether you have an indoor hot tub or an outdoor spa in Minnesota, unfortunately there are several common issues which can hinder its performance. Read on to learn about a few of the most common spa problems and how they can be fixed so you can get back to basking in the rejuvenating warm water.

3 Common Hot Tub Problems & Fixes

1. My Hot Tub Isn’t Hot! – A hot tub that isn’t hot is just a tub. If the water in your spa is running lukewarm, there are two likely causes. The first is a simple fix; add more water to your hot tub! If there are insufficient water levels in your spa, it can prevent water from circulating through the heater and achieving the desired temperature. The second cause is more serious: your hot tub heater has failed. This most often happens when the pH levels of your spa drop too low, leading to damaging corrosion. When this happens, you’ll need to replace your heater.

2. My Hot Tub is Leaking! – Outdoor hot tub leaks often go unnoticed for some time but if an indoor spa leaks, you’ll notice quickly and need a quick fix before water damage results. Tracking down a leak in your hot tub isn’t always easy because there are many different components from which the leak can originate. Your spa’s pump is the most likely source of the leak, but the heater, pipes, whirlpool jets and air control valve could also be where the water is coming from. Depending on the size and source of the leak, you might be able to repair it yourself or you may need to purchase a replacement part.

3. My Hot Tub Pump is Too Loud! – Some noise is to be expected when your hot tub is in operation but if your pump suddenly seems much louder than normal, it’s a sure sign that something is off. Faulty spa pumps can make a variety of sounds, from a droning rumble to a high-pitched squeal. These different noises can indicate different issues with your spa. Regardless of the sound, a good first step is to check your filter to ensure it hasn’t been clogged with debris. If that doesn’t fix your problem, inspect the individual components of the hot tub pump for wear and tear.

A Professional Twin Cities Hot Tub Repair Crew

If your hot tub has a problem that you can’t seem to fix, your best option is to call a team of professionals for spa repair or component replacement services. Contact Poolside today if you’d like maintenance services for your hot tub in the greater Twin Cities area!

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