Everything You Need to Know About the Big Green Egg

If you’ve been looking for the ultimate poolside grill in Minnesota, then your best choice is the Big Green Egg! This unique ceramic grill is a “kamado,” a distinct style of egg-shaped grill which originated in Japan. Keep reading to learn why the Big Green Egg is the perfect outdoor cooking solution for your next big pool party!

4 Benefits of Grilling With the Big Green Egg

1. Year-Round Usage – The Big Green Egg is perfect for outdoor grilling in Minnesota because its maximized thermal efficiency allows it to be used even in the dead of winter. While most grills cannot function properly during the coldest months, the Big Green Egg has an airtight cooking chamber with heat retention capabilities that are second to none.

2. Built to Last – When you buy a Big Green Egg, you’re buying quality that will last for decades, even in the extreme temperatures of Minnesota. These grills are built out of premium materials and their longevity is guaranteed by a life-time warranty.

3. Easy to Use – 100% natural lump charcoal is used in the Big Green Egg, which can be easily lit with SpeediLight Natural Charcoal Starters, achieving optimal grilling temperature in minutes. The Big Green Egg is designed to give you close control over the airflow of the cooking chamber, allowing for effortless temperature regulation. A highly-accurate temperature gauge offers precise readings up to 750ºF.

4. Simple Cleanup – One of the worst parts of grilling is cleaning up after, right? With the Big Green Egg, the cleanup process is easy! The interior of the grill gets so hot while cooking that there is almost no build-up of ash or grease, allowing for an easy cleanup once the grill cools down. Additionally, a glaze on the exterior of this grill keeps it nice and clean without the need for cleaning chemicals. 

Get a Big Green Egg for Your Backyard

Poolside was Minnesota’s first dealer of Big Green Eggs, and we’re proud to be known as “The Eggsperts of the Midwest.” Call us today if you’d like to purchase a Big Green Egg for your home in the Twin Cities!

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