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Sometimes, having a semi-portable hot tub is just what you need for the location and home you’re in. With Fantasy Spas, you can easily install a hot tub in whatever setting you’re in. Rotomolded and lightweight for Plug’n’Play convenience, portability and versatility, these spas are perfect for smaller spaces. Even when renting a home, your Fantasy Spa will be one of the best purchases made as you will have your own space for relaxation. When you’re ready to move into a new house, taking the hot tub with you will be no problem. 

Especially if space is an issue, the Aspire model will work seamlessly with your small quarters. Able fit through any doorway, this hot tub has space for two and will be a perfect addition to your home’s balcony. Not only will the addition of a hot tub feel good after a busy day of work, but it will also improve mental and physical health with its relaxing hydrotherapy. The hydrotherapy jets will vary in location with each model, however each seat in a Caldera hot tub will provide relaxation to your neck and shoulders, upper and middle back, side and lower back, and your legs.

Check out the models we carry!


Seats: 5 Adults
Jets: 18
Length: 6’6″
Width: 6’6″
Height: 34″


Seats: 4 Adults
Jets: 17
Length: 5’3″
Width: 5’8″
Height: 32″


Seats: 5 Adults
Jets: 27
Length: 6’5″
Width: 7’2″
Height: 33″


Seats: 2-3 Adults
Jets: 17
Length: 5’10”
Width: 5’10”
Height: 31″


Seats: 4 Adults
Jets: 19
Length: 5’3″
Width: 6’9″
Height: 33″


Seats: 2 Adults
Jets: 10
Length: 3’11”
Width: 6′
Height: 28″

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