Importance of Hot Tub Maintenance: Tips for MN Hot Tub Owners

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If you own a hot tub in Minnesota, particularly if it’s an outdoor model, there’s a lot of regular maintenance you’ll need to perform in order to make sure your hot tub is clean and safe for use. Here are some basic hot tub maintenance tips to follow to keep yours in good working order.

Top 4 Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

1. Clean Regularly – Like any standing pool of water, your hot tub can become unsanitary very quickly unless cleaned properly and on a regular basis. Whether inside or outside, your hot tub is prone to develop bacteria and scum. Outdoor hot tubs may also be polluted by leaf litter, trash and dead insects or small animals. You should drain and deep-clean your hot tub 3-4 times every year to keep it from getting filthy. To prevent scum and bacteria accumulation between these cleaning sessions, you should also rinse and scrub seats, jets and filters on a weekly basis. Since all this maintenance can be timely and taxing, it may be easier to just hire a professional hot tub cleaning service in Minnesota.

2. Balance Your pH Levels – It’s important to maintain the pH levels of your hot tub’s water to prevent problems from occurring. Your pH level should be roughly 7.5. Much more than this, and your hot tub water will become cloudy and prone to bacteria growth. Much less than this, and your hot tub water will become acidic, irritating your skin and corroding the hot tub itself. You should buy test strips to monitor your hot tub’s pH levels along with chemicals to increase or decrease pH levels as needed.

3. Sanitize & Shock – Chemicals such as chlorine can be used to sanitize the water of your hot tub. Chlorine serves the dual purpose of killing off bacteria and oxygenating your water but, sometimes, you need an extra boost. That’s where shock comes in. “Shocking” your hot tub means adding a more potent chemical solution to destroy contaminants and add oxygen to your water. Sodium di-chlor is commonly used as a shock for hot tubs. If you’re nervous about working with these chemicals, you may want to leave it to a hot tub maintenance professional.

4. Circulate & Filter Your Water – Standing water allows bacteria and scum to grow easily. For this reason, circulating the water in your hot tub twice daily is a good idea. Turning on your jets for about 15 minutes at a time will pump all of the water through your filtration system, eliminating most contaminants in the process. Some hot tubs have an automatic circulation system but otherwise, you’ll need to run it manually.

Expert Hot Tub Maintenance Services in the Twin Cities

Performing regular maintenance on your hot tub can be time-consuming and difficult, so why not let the pros do it for you? Contact Poolside today for superior hot tub maintenance services in the greater Twin Cities area!

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