In-Ground vs. Above Ground Pools: Pros & Cons

You’ve realized there’s something missing from your home in Minnesota: a swimming pool. Now that you’ve decided to install a pool in your backyard, there’s one more thing you’ll need to make a decision on: do you want an in-ground pool or an above ground pool?

There are good things and bad things about both types of swimming pools. Keep reading for an in-depth look at the pros and cons before deciding whether you want to install an in-ground pool or an above ground pool on your property in Minnesota.

Pros of In-Ground Pools

  • Aesthetic – If you want your pool to enhance the appearance of your yard in Minnesota, an in-ground pool is definitely the way to go. A properly installed in-ground pool can compliment the beauty of your lawn and gardens in addition to providing your family with a great place to cool off and have some summer fun.
  • Customization – Do you want your pool to be rectangular? Circular? Asymmetrical? With an in-ground pool, the shape and the size are both completely customizable. So whether you want a long, rectangular pool for swimming laps or a smaller, circular pool for the kids to play in, you can have your dream swimming pool installed in-ground.

Cons of In-Ground Pools

  • Cost – Good things rarely come cheap, and in-ground pools can be expensive to install. While the exact price will vary based on the size of the pool and the company that you hire for installation, an in-ground pool will generally be pricier than one that sits above ground.
  • Maintenance – The costs of an in-ground pool don’t end at installation, either. You’ll have to pay for annual maintenance to keep your in-ground swimming pool clean and operational.

Pros of Above Ground Pools

  • Cost – The best part about installing an above ground pool in Minnesota is that it’s relatively cheap. Installing an in-ground pool requires extensive and expensive labor, including excavation and pouring of a foundation, while installing an above ground pool is comparatively quick and inexpensive.
  • Portability – Do you want to keep your pool when you move? Then above ground is the way to go, since most above ground pools can be disassembled and transported; something you simply cannot do with an in-ground swimming pool.

Cons of Above Ground Pools

  • Aesthetic – Above ground pools can be nice-looking but they’re never going to bring the same visual appeal to your yard in Minnesota as an in-ground pool will. Your options on size and shape will also be much more limited than with a custom-built in-ground pool.
  • Longevity – In-ground pools are built to last, above ground pools are not. The average above ground pool has a lifespan of 10 to 20 years, and that’s assuming there are no unexpected issues that shorten this lifespan.


What Type of Swimming Pool is the Best?

Upon reviewing the facts, in-ground swimming pools have a distinct advantage over above ground pools. They’re beautiful, they’re customizable and they can increase the value of your home. The only advantage to above-ground pools is that they’re quick and easy to install.

If you want to have an in-ground pool installed in your yard in the Twin Cities metro, just give Poolside a call today!

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