Pool & Hot Tub Safety Tips to Teach Your Kids

Having a swimming pool and a hot tub in your backyard provides a great opportunity for family fun. However, used improperly, both pools and spas can also be dangerous for children. If you have young children, here are some important safety tips that you should teach them about swimming in your pool and hot tub.

4 Important Pool & Spa Safety Tips for Kids

1. Make Sure They Can Swim – Having a swimming pool in Minnesota can be great fun for kids, but only if they know how to swim. Unless they’ve taken swimming lessons, your children shouldn’t be using your pool. Even in shallow water, a child who doesn’t know how to swim is at risk of drowning. If you bring young children who don’t know how to swim well into your swimming pool, ensure that they’re wearing flotation devices and that you stay with them at all times.

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2. Never Swim Without an Adult – Even if kids are using the pool safely, accidents can happen. A child could slip and hurt themselves, or begin drowning in deep water. If you have a swimming pool on your property in Minnesota, make sure that any children who are using the pool only do so when an adult is present to watch them. This ensures that if emergencies arise, someone will be able to pull them out of the water and call for help if needed.

3. Avoid Drains – The drains in pools and hot tubs create a powerful force of suction that can trap a child. Make sure that your pool and spa have proper drain covers before anyone uses them to avoid the risk of drowning. Even if your drains are properly covered, kids’ hands, hair or swimsuits might become trapped, which is why you should teach children to avoid the drain while playing in your pool.

4. Don’t Stay in the Spa Too Long – While the intense heat of a spa is relaxing for most adults, it can be dangerous for children, who overheat more quickly. If you’re the owner of a hot tub in Minnesota, make sure that any children who use the hot tub get out within five minutes to prevent overheating. If your child is less than five years old, they should not be using the hot tub at all.

Would You Like a Pool or Hot Tub Installed?

As long as proper safety precautions are taken, swimming pools and spas can be an amazing addition to your home. If you’d like to have an inground pool or a hot tub installed on your property in the Twin Cities metro, call Poolside today!

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