Preventing In-Ground Swimming Pool Damage

Having an in-ground swimming pool installed in Minnesota is an expensive investment. While pools tend to be pretty sturdy, a number of factors can lead to them sustaining costly damage. Do you want to avoid paying thousands to have your in-ground pool repaired? Then keep reading for a few tips on how to prevent damage to your swimming pool.

3 Tips to Avoid Damage to Your In-Ground Pool

  1. Winterize Your Pool – The sub-zero temperatures during Minnesota winters can have a devastating impact on your in-ground swimming pool if it’s not properly winterized. To winterize your swimming pool, begin by cleaning it thoroughly, balancing the chemical levels and shocking it so that algae doesn’t grow over the winter. Next, drain your pool filters and pumps, making sure to blow out the water lines to prevent pipes from freezing and breaking. Finally, you need to place a durable cover over your pool to prevent snow and ice from building up and cracking the pool surface.
  2. Keep Chemicals Balanced – Balancing the chemical levels in your pool prevents the growth of algae. Not only does algae look gross, it can also cause damage to your swimming pool. Algae can be corrosive to the surfaces of your in-ground pool and it may clog up your filters, forcing you to clean or repair them. Though rarer than green algae, black algae is particularly pervasive and difficult to get rid of. Balancing your pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels, as well as shocking your pool, will keep your pool clean and prevent damage from algae growth.
  3. Fix Leaks Fast – Whether the result of direct structural damage or weathering over time, in-ground swimming pools may begin to leak sooner or later. Leaks often occur in pool pumps and filters, and they may also happen in the very foundation of the pool. The longer a leak is left unaddressed, the bigger it will grow and the more damage it will cause to your in-ground pool. If you notice any leaks, call a pool repair company in Minnesota to fix them before the issue gets out of hand.

Do You Need Swimming Pool Repairs?

When your swimming pool sustains damage, it’s important to have it repaired by trained professionals. Give Poolside a call today if you need in-ground pool repair or maintenance services in the greater Twin Cities area!

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