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There are very few things better than coming back to your house after a long day and enjoying the relaxing time of being in your hot tub. With friends, family or just relaxing by yourself – it doesn’t matter; spending time in your very own hot tub is a great way to enjoy relaxing. 

If you currently don’t have a hot tub, but would like to purchase one of your own, you’ve come to the right place. Here at All Poolside, we’ve faithfully served the greater Arden Hills area since 1964 and we love continuing to serve this area with wonderful hot tubs and spas. Whether you’re looking to own an extravagant hot tub with 70+ jets in it or you’re simply wanting a semi-portable hot tub with 15 massage jets, we will have just the options for you. Here are the spa and hot tub manufacturers that we carry.

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    Dimension One Spas

    All Poolside is proud to offer the finest Dimension One spas and hot tubs to the residents of Arden Hills. If you would like to purchase a hot tub made by Dimension One Spas, you can be sure that you’ll have one of the best home spas available. As we offer the Home Collection, Reflections Collection and Bay Collection, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’d like a hot tub that only has 18 jets or you’d like as many as 84 massaging jets, you will find just the hot tub you’re looking for with a Dimension One Spa.

    Caldera Spas

    If you’re looking to host family, friends, or maybe just spend a relaxing evening by yourself, there’s no better hot tub option than Caldera Spas to provide the rest and relaxation you need. As a Caldera Spas dealer that serves the greater Arden Hills community, All Poolside is confident that you will have no regrets when purchasing this high quality hot tub. Caldera Spas features three different series including the Utopia Series, Paradise Series or Vacanza Series. Whether you’re looking to buy a hot tub with two seats and 14-jets or you’re wanting to have more room in an eight-seat, 74-jet hot tub, Whatever model you choose will be an amazing selection.

    Caldera Spas In MN

    Fantasy Spas

    Are you looking for a well-built and relaxing hot tub, but not wanting to spend top-dollar? Check out the incredible hot tubs from Fantasy Spas! With plenty of models to choose from, you will be able to find an option that you can fit through a doorway, along with many you can simply add to your outdoor living area. Along with their various sizes, these hot tubs are even semi-portable! This means the installation process will be fairly simple and they can easily be transported from one location to another after being emptied. If you’re wanting a simple two-seat hot tub that has 10 jets, or an upgraded model with 27 jets, the selection of hot tubs and spas at Fantasy Spas will be perfect for you.

    Spas & Hot Tubs For Arden Hills Homes

    If you’re looking for a high quality hot tub, you will have no issues finding one at All Poolside. As a proud dealer of Dimension One Spas, Caldera Spas or Fantasy Spas, we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect hot tub and spa to relax in. Call the hot tub and spa professionals at All Poolside today to learn more about how we can install the perfect hot tub at your home in Arden Hills!

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