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Are you looking for a top-of-the-line chill tub for your Twin Cities, MN home? Look no further than Viking Spas!

All Poolside is proud to offer high quality chill tubs that allow our customers to immerse themselves in wellness and increase quality of life.

Take the Plunge

Discover the benefits of cold and hot water immersion with Viking Chill Therapy. The compact design of a Viking Chill Tub allows for your unit to fit anywhere inside or out, while its convenient two-tier step provides a safe entry and exit point. Increase your immunity, decrease inflammation and soreness and brighten your mood!

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Twin Cities #1 Viking Spas Dealer

If you’re in the greater Twin Cities, MN area and want to invest in a high-quality chill tub, a brand new Viking Spas Chill Therapy model is the best choice. Contact our team to learn more about this outstanding line and to purchase your own. Call us today!

Viking Chill Therapy

Chill Therapy

Seats: 1 Adult
Length: 70”
Width: 33”
Height: 37.5”
Temperature Control: 46-104°F

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