The Best Pool Party Food to Prepare on the Grill

Do you want to turn a low-key pool gathering into a memorable pool party? Bring out the food! Hot, hearty, fresh-grilled food just goes so well with spending a long summer evening soaking in a pool or spa. Guests might turn up because they’re looking forward to cooling off in your swimming pool but preparing delicious food will keep them around for hours. If you’d like to start planning your next pool party in Minnesota, here are some great food choices to prepare on your trusty grill.

4 Delicious Grilled Foods to Pair With a Pool Party

1. Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp – Unfortunately, we’re a couple thousand miles from the nearest ocean in Minnesota, but dipping in a nice pool and enjoying delicious seafood can be a pleasant substitute. Bacon and shrimp are favorite foods for many, so it makes sense that pairing the two together is amazingly delicious. This is a simple recipe to make on the grill; wrap bacon around your shrimp, juice them up with a little teriyaki sauce and then grill them to crispy perfection!

2. Hot Dog Bar – Hot dogs are a poolside classic! If you’re having a big gathering around your pool and you want to serve something quick and easy off the grill, hot dogs are probably your safest bet. Next to your grill, you can set up a toppings bar so your guests can choose their flavor. Whether they want to stick to the basic ketchup and mustard or slather their dogs in a tasty tropical slaw, that’ll be entirely in their hands.

3. Huli-Huli Chicken – A little taste of Hawaii can be just what it takes to make your Minnesota pool party feel truly special. After you’ve taken a long swim or had a relaxing visit to your sauna, chowing down on some mouth-watering huli-huli chicken might be exactly what your body needs. You’ll want to marinate your chicken overnight in a mix of pineapple juice, soy sauce, honey, garlic and your favorite spices. On the day of your big pool party, grill the marinated chicken along with pineapple rings for a delightful tropical treat.

4. Steak Kabobs – The nice thing about serving kabobs at a pool party in Minnesota is that you can get back in the pool or the hot tub and keep on eating since you have a convenient handhold! This grill recipe is nice and simple, too. Just take cubed pieces of steak covered in your favorite glaze and seasonings, skewer them together with slices of onion, pepper and whatever else you desire, and grill them until they’re sizzling.

Get Set Up to Host Your Own Pool Parties

You can’t host a pool party without your own pool! Whether you want to have an inground pool installed, you’d like a spa or a sauna to accompany it, or you need a good grill to cook your poolside meals on, contact Poolside today!

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