Things to Consider Before Installing a Hot Tub in Minnesota

Things to Consider Before Installing a Hot Tub in Minnesota

Many homeowners in Minnesota are thrilled by the idea of adding a hot tub to their home. A hot tub, or spa, provides a great place for relaxing and soothing your body, which is especially pleasant after a long day at work. Still, even if you’re determined to buy a hot tub, there are a few things you need to consider first to ensure your new spa will be a boon to your home and not a burden. Keep reading to learn what you will need to workout before purchasing a hot tub.

Everything You Need to Decide Before Installing a Hot Tub

When purchasing a hot tub in Minnesota, your first choice should be whether you want an indoor or outdoor model. Indoor spas have the significant advantage of being usable year-round, even in the dead of winter. However, installation is much more difficult indoors, as you’ll need a lot of space, access to electricity and running water, drainage, and good ventilation.

By contrast, outdoor hot tubs can be installed on any flat section of ground without the need to worry about ventilation or drainage. Unfortunately, an outdoor spa will only be usable for about half the year in Minnesota.

After you’ve decided whether you want an indoor or outdoor spa, it’s time to choose where it will go. Outside, all you need to do is find level earth with a solid foundation. Many homeowners in Minnesota install hot tubs adjacent to a backyard patio. Indoor hot tub installation is a trickier ordeal. You’ll want to set your hot tub up in an area that isn’t at high risk of damage from spilled water and hot steam. It’s also important to leave about three feet of space around the spa on all sides so that it’s easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

Two more issues to consider are privacy or safety, and this is where indoor spas are advantageous. An outdoor hot tub is much less private and may also pose a safety risk to young children in the neighborhood. You may want to position your outdoor spa behind a wall, or perhaps a few thick evergreen trees, to avoid prying eyes. For the sake of safety, it’s important to purchase a lockable cover for your hot tub to keep children from attempting to use it unsupervised.

Are You Ready to Have a Spa Installed?

Once you’ve thought through everything and you’re ready to purchase a hot tub, it’s time to choose the right company for the job. Call Poolside today if you’d like to have a spa installed inside or outside of your home in the Twin Cities metro area!


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