What to Consider Before Installing a Pool in Minnesota

A pool can be a fantastic addition to your property in Minnesota. Swimming pools are great fun for the whole family and may even increase the value of your home. But installing a pool is a big investment and one that you should consider carefully. Continue reading to learn some of the questions that you should ask yourself before committing to having an in-ground pool built in your backyard.

4 Things to Determine Before Having a Pool Installed

1. What is your budget? Swimming pools are expensive! The average cost of installing an in-ground pool is $35,000, and highly customized pools can cost you twice that. While having a pool on your property might increase your home value in the long run, it’s important to prepare for the immediate cost, as well as the monthly maintenance costs going forward.

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2. What are you going to use your pool for? Maybe you want a swimming pool to get some good exercise via laps and water aerobics. Maybe you want a fun spot for kids to play. Or, maybe you just want a nice cool place to float with a drink on a hot summer day in Minnesota. The size, shape and depth of your pool will all be determined by how you’re going to use it. Be sure to work out whether you want a deep lap pool or a shallow play pool before you talk to your contractor about installation.

3. Do you want extra features? Would you like water jets in your swimming pool? How about underwater lighting or a waterfall? Any special features you want for your swimming pool in Minnesota need to be considered prior to installation. Trying to add these things to your pool after it’s already been built will be tricky and expensive.

4. How will you landscape around the pool? As soon as you add a pool to your backyard in Minnesota, it will become the property’s defining feature. It’s important to consider how your landscaping will be rearranged to accommodate the pool. Do you want to plant some trees to give you shade and privacy while you swim? Do you want to add a hot tub or a firepit to pair with your pool? Making these decisions in advance is always a wise idea.

Ready to Install a Pool on Your MN Property?

If you’re a resident of the Twin Cities metro who would like to have an in-ground swimming pool installed on your property, put your trust in reliable local contractors who have been doing it for years. Contact Poolside today for the finest pool construction and installation services in Minnesota!

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