Should I Get a Spa or a Sauna? Pros & Cons

Do you want a spot on your own property where you can warm up, relax and soothe your body every day? There are two great options available for you: spas and saunas. Both can have significant health benefits when used on a regular basis, and both are popular choices for homeowners in Minnesota. If you’re struggling to decide whether a hot tub or a sauna would better suit your purposes, check out this helpful guide to better inform your decision.

Spas vs. Saunas: A Close Comparison

  • Function – A spa, or a hot tub, is essentially a miniature pool with very warm water and massage jets designed to relax and soothe your body. A sauna is an enclosed room where dry heat is used to make your body sweat, cleansing your skin and providing many other health benefits. Which form of relaxation you prefer is a matter of personal preference.
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  • Cost – While the costs of spas and saunas vary greatly based on size and manufacturer, on average, hot tubs are more expensive than saunas are. However, the cost of installation for a sauna is often pricier than the cost of installation for a spa.
  • Indoor/Outdoor – Both indoor and outdoor models exist for spas and saunas. That being said, spas are traditionally installed outdoors, whereas saunas are traditionally installed indoors. While the installation of an indoor sauna is more challenging than an outdoor spa, it has the advantage of being usable year-round, even during Minnesota’s cold winter weather.
  • Health Benefits – Hot tubs and saunas both provide a number of health benefits, including improved relaxation and deeper sleep. Spas are better for soothing sore muscles and lowering your blood sugar levels. Saunas are better for cleansing your skin and improving your heart health.
  • Maintenance – Both spas and saunas require some routine maintenance to operate effectively. However, in general, hot tubs require more intensive maintenance, including treating the water to prevent bacteria growth.

Ready to Upgrade Your Home With a Spa or a Sauna?

There are many pros and cons to both spas and saunas; which you choose will largely come down to personal preference. If you’re ready to make your choice, call Poolside today to have a spa or a sauna installed at your home in the Twin Cities metro area!

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